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Doulos Leadership Group | Leading Through Serving - Character Material for Athletes

Character Material for Athletes

Doulos Leadership Group has written some unique character curriculum for high school and college athletes. As a former college athlete, Eddy Shigley understands the complex challenges athletes face on a daily basis. During times of testing, character is what helps these student athletes make the right decisions. The character playbook – "Is it in you?" gives examples and images of current college and professional athletes who exemplify each character trait. Each lesson studies a particular character trait by using videos, images, role-playing, case studies, dialogue, and reflection questions. The Playbook covers 15 lessons. The various format and videos help athletes remember the lesson, challenges them to incorporate the character quality into their lives, then put it into action. There is a Public School and Christian School version available.
  • Coaches Playbook Year 1 - $20 each
  • Athletes Playbook Year 1 - $12 each
  • Coaches Playbook Year 2 - $20 each
  • Athletes Playbook Year 2 - $12 each